Re-Imagining Construction


Renovation Work

We made our mark in the industry as specialized renovators. Massachusetts is a niche market for renovation work with rich history of architecture and continuing development. It is essential to preserve the beautiful antiquities of Boston as we build in the 21st century. Jurado Construction will help you preserve the beatiful date of your home while integrating essential new technologies and systems that will meet your families needs. more examples of projects, work, interesting project we did?

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Interior Design / Remodel

We have been remodeling Bathrooms & Kitchens for over 2 decades. We have been working with our clients to meet their design needs and deliver kitchen / bathroom you so direly needed. Since our inception this has been one of our niche markets. Now we are expanding our services to provide more direct design consulting. We have relationships with several suppliers in the area and designers that will help us plan, model and build the kitchen / bathroom of your dreams.

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We excel at collaborating in large projects. We have great relationship with the top building firms and general contractors in Mass.. We provide thorough competitive quotes. You will be glad to have us on your team.

Home Maintenance

Long before Jurado Construction became a building & design firm. We started as the general contractors that would fix any and all of your immediate needs. In an effort to remain true to our origins and loyal to our clients. We continue to service all of your home maintenance & improvement needs. Need expert advice on a fix? need a budget? need a hand? Call John and he will be out there the next morning to provide his expert & honest opinion. John will work you to create a solution that meets your needs.

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