Committed to Excellence & Innovation.

Jurado Construction aims to re-define the construction experience by providing clients with honesty and excellence. We aim to re-design the building experience through innovation and collaboration. We are an environmentally conscious company that seeks to recycle products and build in an eco-friendly manner. We implement the most advanced technologies and software to plan and build our projects.


Jurado Construction & Design

Around the time Jurado Construction started to grow, John & Silvio’s children were becoming young men, teenagers eager to learn the trades of their fathers. Juan spent summers working along side his father & uncle – painting walls, laying bricks and grinding stones. These were the foundations that built the future of Jurado Construction.

Juan has continued to work with the family business throughout high school and college. Juan went on to study Product Design at Stanford University – concentrating on Human Values in Design, Design Thinking Methodologies, Architecture, and Technology Innovation.

Juan’s vision is to continue to grow Jurado Construction into a Design & Build firm. A return to the “Master Builder” methodology with improved client collaboration & cost efficiency through technological innovation.